Renewable Energy and Resource Recovery

Parabolic Trough – Solar Energy Plant

We are proud to promote the development of renewable and clean technologies. Our success in the areas of Bio-Gas generation and resource recycling are now being further built upon by our continued investment in new technologies and we continue our research to add innovative “best of breed” renewable energy technologies to our portfolio.

Our energy recovery solutions can be fully integrated to meet the client’s energy requirements. Our clients have achieved significant saving by the generation of high quality bio-fuels from waste processing. Our technology is a critical component in the resource recover process and has been successfully integrated with other technologies to provide full-cycle, industry leading solutions. Our solutions have achieved recognition in leading industry awards.

Our water recovery solutions are based on proven technologies, which have been adapted to the specific industry requirements to address these technical challenges.

We are continuing to invest in renewable energy solutions, covering Solar, Wind and Bio-Gas recovery. We have implemented renewable energy technologies which are integrated to the waste treatment process, which provides a complete end-to-end waste recovery solution. The recovered biogas is used on site to reduce the customer’s external electricity intake.  The recovered water can be purified to a high level, for example as drinking water, or can be re-used in other high capacity processes, delivering significant savings to the client.

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