Sludge Drying Technology and Bio-solid Treatment

We offer a wide range of technologies for the treatment of sludge and bio-solids. We have developed a wide range of solutions, based on advanced patented drying technologies, including microwave, temperature transfer/evaporation and nano-technologies.

Our award winning Anaerobic Sludge Digester Technology has been deployed in industry leading projects. The Bio-Gas Generation resulting from the process is proof of the exceptional economic and environmental benefits which are presented by energy recovery from waste treatment processes.

Our broad experience has enables us to develop extensive expertise in the treatment of a variety of industry specific sludge outputs. Our focus on delivering optimal performance in operation enables us to identify the best technology for the client’s specific treatment requirements. This means that our client’s can deploy the most appropriate technology, ranging from the most advanced, patented technologies, to the more conventional and long established technologies. We offer the following technologies:

Screw Press Technology

Sludge Drying – High Temperature and Evaporation Technologies

Sludge Drying – Microwave Drying Technologies

Anaerobic Sludge Digester Technology and Bio-Gas Generation