Monocrystalline solar module installation

We are committed to solar power as an abundant source of natural energy. Our technologies cover a wide range of solar modules, including high output Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

Our technology is based on high quality solar cells, which deliver, maximum output and stability from the solar modules.  The solar modules are designed for long life deployments with minimal degradation of performance over the operating lifespan.  In addition, our products are selected for their durability and performance in adverse climatic conditions and extreme environments.

Solar reflective panels harnessing the sun’s rays to generate heat/steam which is used to generate electricity.  The technology is Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) use a highly reflective panel to collect and direct the solar rays to a receiver.  The receiver then transfers heat to a liquid which transmits thermal energy via a steam generator. The steam then is processed in a turbine to generate electrical power, based on renewable green energy.

Our solutions cover the following technologies: